Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double-Knit Cast-On Tutorial, part 2: The Edge

The edge I specified for the Pawprint Blankie is essentially a selvedge with the front and back yarns held together, but it was pointed out to me last night that I may not have been clear enough in my original instructions. (Thanks, Emily!)

So, here we go: the edge of the Pawprint Blankie!

Here is the end of the first completed row of the chart, which is all MC (in this case, green) on the facing (worked knit) side, and cream on the reverse (worked purl). The edge stitch - actually one loop of each color, which would therefore be a pair of pattern stitches if it were part of the chart - is sitting there on the left needle, all alone and waiting to be worked.

Stick the right needle through both of those loops and knit with both working strands...

...like so. One fat, bicolor stitch at the end of your row of otherwise neat, alternating single-strand stitches.

Now turn the work, and bring the right needle behind both working strands.

Slip the two-stranded edge stitch purlwise.

...and bring the strands of working yarn back behind the needles after you've slipped the first stitch of the new row. Congratulations! You've got your tweedy selvedge started.

This puts you on the side of the work with the cream facing, and green on the reverse. Double-knitting like this is essentially 1x1 ribbing with multiple strands playing together to form a fabric with stockinette on both sides, so you'll be knitting the cream with cream on this row, and purling the green with green.

Part 3 of the tutorial will demonstrate the art of working the pattern from the chart, so stay tuned!

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